Follow this post-arrival checklist for new students to make sure you complete all required steps related to your F-1 or J-1 status.

Upload Scans/Photos of Your Immigration Documents

F-1 and J-1 visa regulations require you to report to campus after you arrive in Seattle. To meet this requirement, follow the instructions below.

Autumn Quarter 2016 New Students
Please check back soon for instructions on how to upload digital files of your required documents.

Documents You Must Upload

Submit Government-Required Contact Information

By law, all internationals on F-1 and J-1 visas must keep the following contact information on file with the govenrment and report changes within 10 days.

U.S. address

Home country address

You are required to update your local address on MyUW within ten days of arriving in Seattle or changing addresses. If your first address is temporary – hotel, homestay, etc. – input that address into MyUW, and update your address again after you move into longer-term housing. You can always update your local address, phone number, and alternate email address on your MyUW by yourself.

On-campus residents: If you live in a UW residence hall, follow the required format in MyUW.

Off-campus residents: If you live off campus, input your address in this format:

Street address (building or house number, followed by street name); Apartment/suite number (if applicable)
City, state, zip code

123 45th Street NE #1
Seattle, WA  98000

Immigration will automatically be notified.

Note about the local address: Do not use the ISS mailing address for any personal correspondence or to open any accounts. We cannot store/process your personal mail in ISS.

Your permanent address listing in MyUW must remain a foreign, non-U.S. address. To update your permanent address information, visit our permanent address change instructions.

Attend International Student Orientation

The Foundation for International Understanding Through Students (FIUTS) conducts an orientation for all new international students at the beginning of each quarter. Check the FIUTS website for orientation dates and schedules, as well as advice on housing, transportation to campus, host families, and much more.

The orientation is designed to acquaint international exchange, graduate, and undergraduate students with the University of Washington campus resources, American customs and lifestyles, visa and immigration issues, the Seattle area, and other UW students. Plan to attend!

Sign Up for Health Insurance

All international students must maintain adequate health insurance while attending the University of Washington and are required to purchase the International Student Health Insurance Plan (ISHIP) designed for UW international students and their dependents. You must sign up for the International Student Health Insurance Plan before you can register for classes.

J-1 students

  1. Review the ISS health insurance information, including the specific J-1 health insurance requirements.
  2. Complete the J-1 Insurance Requirement Statement of Compliance form. Submit the form along with your other J-1 immigration documents.
  3. If you are eligible to waive the UW ISHIP coverage AND you have comparable insurance that meets the minimum requirements, submit your waiver request by the insurance waiver deadline (third Friday of the quarter).

Questions? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page or Resources page for more information.